"Penisola" is a traveling project in the know-how of hands and mind.


"Penisola" is a custom-made trip between handicraft, places and intentions.


"Penisola" is learning the fashion culture of the Made in Italy through a mix of visits, lectures, seminars, workshops and direct experiences evoking the magic of the handicraft of excellence, where manual execution means creativity intelligence values and talents.


"Penisola" is a learning experience and involvement in the arts and handicrafts of Italy.




Journey inside Made in Italy mixes a real path in the places of knowledge of Made in Italy with learning moments (seminars + workshops).


Experiential path absorbs the whole person and his senses:

Ears to hear

Eyes to see

Nose to smell

Mind to understand, learn and develop

Hands and arms to experiment

Feet and legs to walk and travel

Heart to passionate


Participants, scholars, travelers become the protagonists of a shared interest-based experience based on the power line connecting history of Made in Italy and transition to new developments.






1. Lecture-Event: theoretical and practical introductory lesson with the presentation of educational and logic  tools of inspiration for the course.


2. Path: it's an experience in the Italian territory and inside a selection of places of Made in Italy (laboratories, museums, archives, stores, workshops) to grasp and endorse for future developments.


3. Seminar: it's a theoretical moment, designed and edited by Abito Mentale - Haute Couture Tailoring school Bologna.


4. Workshop: it's closely related to the seminar, and it's the moment to experience the real and unique workshop. Each workshop has its own special feature. Participant can directly try to perform some work steps, others will observe to learn and make them their own.




Introduction to the experience through digital preliminary information (video information, images).


Involvement of the traveler in this stage  to create incentives, expectations, desire for cultural study, curiosity, engagement and willingness to the group sharing experience.


Creation of a cultural matrix of involvement with emotional components involving people, places, jobs, families, materials, colors, sounds, smells.






Moment of rearrangement of the experience (sound, video, images)


Impressions are shared in a blog where participants collect information of seminars, workshops and visits.


Chances to create connections with teachers and tutors to share impressions of the personal experience and to get professional advice on future developments.